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John Hawks has an excellent series of essays on blogging, research and academia. John’s blog has been around for years – from at least 03 or 04 as far as I remember, and he’s also an active palaeoanthropologist. I must admit that not being a palaeoanthro, I find that some of his content is a […]

I’ve just finished reading a few select chapters from Peter Hiscock’s new book, Archaeology of Ancient Australia (2008) published by Routledge. The book is a fairly wide ranging overview of Australian archaeology and pre-history from Hiscock’s own particular methodological and theoretical position. I think it is a refreshing account which seems to stress two key […]

I just thought I should give a quick plug to a session at this years Australian Archaeology Association Conference where a couple of colleagues and I are convening a session. The session is entitled ‘Land and Sea: Natural Resource Management versus Cultural Heritage Management’ and it is a joint session with Daryl Guse and Cameo […]