Ozarch on the road again!

Anyone familiar with the recent demise of the Australian archaeology list-server, Ausarch-L may be interested to know there is now an alternative: Ozarch.

The new list has been established via Google Groups which is much more flexible than a traditional email list-serve. You can elect to read posts on the web (like a forum), subscribe via the feed, or receive emails; overall a much better set of alternatives to email-only lists which I find quite restrictive. I was a member of the Ausarch list from ’97 or ’98 until it ended late last year and often found that similar debates and questions would regularly reappear (most frequent being ‘where do I buy an <insert obscure item of archaeology related equipment here>!). Hopefully this will now be reduced.

More importantly though the new list is moderated and membership is restricted to people with some sort of specific qualification or interest in archaeology. I urge students particularly to subscribe as the type of information you recieve via these types of lists can be really important.

More information can be found here.

4 Responses to “Ozarch on the road again!”

  1. 1 BAJR

    Talking of strange requests..strange request time :)Do you know where I could find hi-viz string vests? I heard that you may have them in Australia…

  2. 2 Mick Morrison

    We probably do – depends on what you mean exactly by hi vis string vest. Are you referring to just normal high res vests or a particular type? Check out prospectors supplies (there is a link in the sidebar). If it’s what I”m thinking of, they’re fairly common over here!

  3. 3 Dr Space Junk

    I never understood what string vests were for anyway – can either of you explain?

  4. 4 Mick Morrison

    They’re kind of like safety vests I thought. But maybe I’m wrong!! What do you think of Moff’s blog? We need more bloggers to chat about!

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