Off to AAA!


I’m off to the AAA annual conference in Noosa today (For non-Aussie readers that’s the Australian Archaeological Association). I have posted about our paper and the session I am co-convening before so there is no need to repeat myself here. I hope to throw up a few posts about the conference over the next few days, with any luck some pictures too, as well as a short summary of how our session goes. It all depends on the availability of wifi, so finger’s crossed.

The program looks good, I heard some gossip that there are expected to be some fiery exchanges between a few prominent people (who shall remain nameless here) during the session on the Burrup Peninsula. Readers unfamiliar with this area should take a quick look at this website. I’m also looking forward to the session on the archaeology of the recent past, the AACAI session and the Burrup sessions. As I said, I’ll post more information here over the next few days as time and wifi connectons permit. So stay tuned, folks!

One Response to “Off to AAA!”

  1. 1 Mick Morrison

    In brief, the conference was quite good. Paul Bahn gave an excellent keynote on the archaeology of Easter Island. Our session was well received and included some great papers. I’ll write a full post soon.

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